An Equal Education Opportunity for Every Child

XiaoPing Education Foundation is a non-profit charity organization registered in Hong Kong. We are non-affiliated with any religious or political bodies or ideology. It was established by philanthropist Mr. P.H. Lau in 2001. Since then, we have supported Tsinghua University’s distance education program and financed 30 distance education centres in China, one in every province. We have also been building schools and financing poor students in the most distant areas of China, with only one aim in mind: An equal education opportunity for every child.


What do we do?

School Financing

We have built and financed over 400 schools or buildings to faciliate the need of children living in remote areas, so they no longer need to hike for hours just get to school. Our focus have shifted to Financial Aids since the 2010s, as China declared an end to extreme poverty and schools have become state-of-the-art infrastructures within the country.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

We have supported over twenty thousand students through high school and over four hundred through normal schools and tertiary education. We hope that our modest financial support could help educate the brillant minds of the future, and those who will educate our future generations.


Where are we?

Our footprints over the years can be found in 9 provinces across China. Our co-sponsored remote education centres with Tsinghua University and our graduates can be found in every Province.

Contact Us

1st Floor, Block C, Kai Tak Factory Building, 99 King Fuk St, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
+852 2310 2830
IRDHK: 91/7825